DIY – The Carrie Bag

So I thought I’d post a good ol’ DIY of which I haven’t done in a while. I’ve always loved the tv show The Carrie Diaries for its bold fashion looks so I decided to do a tutorial on the iconic Carrie bag with the splattered colors. I didn’t exactly mimic the bag but I made it my own which I recommend you all to do!

What you’ll need:

Black Bag

Nail polishes

Scrap Paper

Fan or Hair dryer (for drying)

  1. Find a black bag, preferably leather or just a material that will catch paint really easily and stand out. I found this one at the consignment store Turnabout on W 4thOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  2. Pick 4-5 of nail polishes. You’ll want to pick polishes that you don’t use often because you will probably loose a good amount of liquid from the bottles
  3.  Experiment with the polishes to decide what design you want on your bag, do this on scrap paper (I used a Laduree bag because it seemed fancier 😉


4. I found the best way to get the vibrancy of color I wanted on the bag was to delicately pour the bottle straight on the purse to get the streaks. Make sure you practice this a couple of times on scrap paper before you go right onto the bag


  1. After that just paint out your design, you can draw your name with a pigmented sharpie or with nail polish like I did                                                                                               If you do it with nail polish draw your name out a couple of times to get it right. If you do it with a sharpie draw your name on first before you apply any polishes


  1. Leave, your bag to dry or add a fan to speed up the process. To check if the polish is dry, lightly tap a toothpick on the polish to see if it moves. The drying could take a couple of hours depending on how much you apply and how thick it is



Let me know if you wanna see more DIYs!



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