The Top 9 Trends of 2016…ugh

Ah 2016, what a year it’s been, especially for Fashion. Ok not especially but it sure has been interesting to see what trends have caught on, some expected and some totally random, here are the top 9:

  1. The Bomber Jacket:

The bomber has found its way to being the signature look of supermodels like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Ok I get it, the thing is big and puffy so it makes you look high fashion but it’s not very unique anymore. Every time I turn around I see another one of those things with a new Japanese-inspired art design. Granted they are beautiful but come on people let’s get a little more originality into our wardrobes.



  1. Chokers and Lassos:

Or was it shoelaces? I do love a good choker but I’d definitely have to say the trend is getting out of hand. The black band can add a level of sophistication taking your look back to the classy Marie Antoinette times. But tying a string around your neck and calling it style? I think we can do better.


  1. Tour Merch:

We’ve had a lot of great music acts come through Vancouver this year to say the least. Yeezy, Chance the Rapper, Drake etc. all with their distinctive style of overly priced tour merchandise. Nowadays, it isn’t enough to take a Snapchat at the concert, if you don’t get some tour merch, were you even there? You can see it everywhere: Kanye’s overly baggy shirts with gothic lettering, Chances #3 hat and Drakes owl hoodies, why the world has come to love that owl so, I’ll never know. Tour merch has truly defined the overall style of 2016.

  1. Criss Crosses:

It started out on a shirt but can now be seen on everything from dresses to jeans. I personally think the criss cross is a fun look, it’s like you’re showing off a lil’ skin but not being too revealing. However after you see that thing everywhere it gets little old. I fear that in the future our children will look back at this trend and say, what were you guys thinking? A few criss cross looks every now and then are cute but let’s not weave ourselves into a giant clothing basket.

  1. Really High Boots:

Black is the typical color and suede is the typical texture. Well that or having an extreme amount of laces done all the way up. A common pairing with these boots is to wear an oversized sweater dress but all I can think is did these people forget their pants?

  1. All the Velvet:

And I mean all of it. It’s on our shoes, it’s on our clothes and more. We can’t seem to get enough of it. It’s definitely a cool fabric to come into the mainstream world. The only thing is, it’s a tad bit impractical when it comes to bad weather so not a great look for Vancouver, and when that velvet gets dirty, it looks tacky.

  1. Sneakers:

I’m pretty sure this has been a trend for every year since how many years ago but coping the sneaker look is not slowing down, especially here in Van. It’s been a good year for sneakers, we’ve got Nike Air Max, Adidas NMD R1 and Puma x Rihanna, each one more innovative and clean-cut than the last. I’m excited for what new designs will be coming in the new year.


  1. Jogger Pants:

With all the craze for copping new sneakers, you’ve gotta have an outfit that flaunts them right? Cue the jogger pants: an awkward combination between chinos and a tracksuit bottoms. Despite their ability to show-off your new kicks and do it in comfort, I’m thinking guys are getting a little too comfortable with this look. Here’s hoping 2017 will come up with something a little more stylish and a little less pajama-like.


Joggers alla Fila

  1. Caps:

Slap one on, cover your eyes and you’ll look shady AF or just use it to cover up a bad hair day. These babies are versatile. Although if we’re working with caps, can we go with a logo other than the Blue Jays? I tried California, am I #unique?



2017 the world is ready to embrace you, let’s see what new trends you’ll have for us, bring it!


If I missed any trends and I’m most definitely sure I did, please comment below and let me know some good ones! Happy New Year!







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