The Night after Christmas

Christmas is a much loved day of the year and often comes and goes too quickly. So I created a list of 10 tips that you can add to your home and wardrobe to keep the holiday spirit going throughout the year. Trust me the season will be back sooner than you think!IMG_3855

1. Silver bells! In case y’all don’t know the song it is truly a gem and always takes me back to wintery days


2. Snow globes! Always nice to keep on the shelf and shake every once in a while 


3. Snowflake bedding (lying on the snow in the comfort of your own home)


4. I received this lush product as a gift and it will always take me back to the Christmas day I received it


5. Christmas lights are always a nice touch to your room even when it’s not during the holidays


6. Silver and Gold jewelry reminds me of another classic 


7. If you’re in a DIY-ish mood make a collage of the festivites (tip! use your leftover wrapping paper as a base) 


8. In your closet you should have a holly red piece, I love this jacket from GUESS, the colour keeps me warm during these cold days, well also the fabric

9. Always have pieces with glitter or sequins because they are perfect for the festive season especially for new year! This gorgeous glitter dress is from Everly

10. Items with stars always take me back to the Christmas eve night sky or even the star on the tree


11. Finally make sure you still have plenty of sweets lying around mint kisses are a perfect touch!

Keep that spirit of warmth throughout the year! Happy holidays everyone!



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