Marina and the Diamonds

She is absolutely as amazing as she sounds! Marina inspires me with here ability to wear the most outrageous outfits in the most fashionable way. In this show she rocks some reflective hot pink pants with jewelled (mouse?) ears. And for her second look she wears an empirical neon green bodysuit with her new album name “FROOT” as a head piece. All glam, eye-catching and easy-to-move-in outfits. Her music is fun and her voice ranges from soulful to hitting those high notes every time. She has the ability to sing about social issues yet in an upbeat way that really makes you think about what you are hearing (“Can’t Pin me Down“). I love her new album FROOT! In each of her albums, there is a distinct visual style and FROOT is no exception to this. I get a very Sixties and colourful vibe from it and the songs totally emulate that. I think with each distinct style of her albums, you can visualize where they come from in her music.

Favourites of her new album include: Froot, I’m A Ruin and Solitaire. Check her out!


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