Swiss Days

Yes! It’s true. I have been gone for so long. This is because I have been traveling/working in Switzerland! I am currently interning at the European Home Office of Abercrombie & Fitch. I’m finding so much value in the work I do there and just loving the experience. Plus it does help that I am residing in the charming city of Lugano which is also right near the border of Italy. So I’ve been having some fun crossing back and forth between them. Here I am wearing an outfit that I think is perfect for strolling the streets as well as wearing to work. Naturally it is an Abercrombie & Fitch dress (when I found out I was working there where do you think the first place I shopped was?) Burgundy is very on-trend now, and the color is perfect for a hot day, as it is not too dark but still vibrant. I accented the look with some bright color blocking, adding a yellow and purple. There is a subtle geometric theme going on here with the triangle cutout on the back of the dress, which matches with the rectangles and circle formed on the purse. It is just big enough to fit a laptop, and I kind of like the silver peaking out! I think the best thing to wear on a hot day is bright colours. They stand out just as much as statement jewellery, and of course you don’t want that bogging you down in extreme heat.


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