Lily Aldridge Inspired Look

It is always the best feeling when you find a look on the runway that you can totally mimic from your closet. So I was very happy to find the look of the always classic and effortless model Lily Aldridge. Here she is at the Billboard Music Awards in Balmain.

This look is inspired by the colours and length of her outfit. I twisted it into a day-to-night look. Since I did not have a sleeveless turtle neck I used an everyday black tee for the day look. The skirt flows perfectly for that summer breeze and I mirrored the twirling of my skirt by letting my hair down. Lily has some great gold accents so I added a gold cuff and although she does not have a necklace on the red carpet, I thought for my own take on it, it would give the look a little more life by adding one.

I then switched my day look to an evening one. I swapped out my tee for a sleeved turtle next (better for when the night gets cold) and I put on some heels (from Vince Camuto) with gold studs that would also accent my cuff. Finally I clipped my hair up and added a plum lip from mac and a darker eyeshadow.

I found after I created this look that I was getting mucho Dolce & Gabbana vibes whilst I was amongst the roses in front of my house. I found my up-do was very similar to the hairstyles in the Fall 2015 runway.

It just goes to show how far you can TRIMM up a look!


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